Welcome to Rsquared Academy

Our mission is to offer affordable, effective and flexible courses that equip our learners with skills required to advance their professional life.

Our Vision

There are countless institutes offering courses on all things analytics, data science and big data. Why start another one? We started Rsquared Academy, for our own love of teaching and learning. We use open source tools for imparting our courses and we believe that the way to give back to the open source community is by making all our course contents open source. It gives us immense satisfaction when our tools are used in over 60 countries and various universities across the world for teaching statistics. All our courses are and will always remain free for anyone willing to learn.

Our Mission

It is our mission to create and share interactive online courses and open source libraries related to statistics, economics and finance. We also aspire to create courses related to big data, cloud computing and other relevant technologies that are part of the data science ecosystem. We welcome you to join us in this endeavour to create a effective, flexible and affordable platform for online learning.