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R Shiny apps for interactive statistical analysis

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The olsrr package provides tools for building OLS regression models. It includes regression diagnostics and several variable selection procedures.

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descriptr eases the process of generating summary statistics and exploration of statistical distributions. It includes a set of functions for visualizing key distributions and summarizing data.

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The inferr package builds upon the statistical tests provided in stats package, provides additional and flexible input options, and more detailed and structured test results.

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The xplorerr package provides a set of shiny apps for descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, data visualization and regression modeling.

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A simple light weight package for customer segmentation using recency, frequency and monetary value analysis.

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blorr is designed to make it easier for users, particularly beginner/intermediate R users to build and validate binary logistic regression models.

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From Our Blog

Introduction to R

Learn R from scratch. In this series of posts, we cover everything from installing R and RStudio to exploring the different data types and data structures.

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Data Wrangling with R

In this series of posts, learn to import data from multiple sources and then slice and dice it using the tidyverse to prep your data for exploration and modeling.

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Data Visualization with R

In this series of posts, learn to visualize data using ggplot2 and Base. Build different types of plots and use them to communicate insights derived from the data.

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