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Interactive tutorials help build your skills and learn new concepts.

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24 X 7 on demand support and personalized guidance.


Projects and case studies to hone and showcase your skill sets.

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Data Science with R - Self Paced

Self paced online course with 24 x 7 support. Gain expertise in data wrangling, visualization and machine learning using R.

R $99
Introduction to R

A beginners guide to the R ecosystem. Get an introduction to R & Rstudio. Learn how to install packages and get help in R.

R Free
Import Data into R

Learn to read data into R from flat/delimited files, excel spreadsheets and other commercial softwares.

R Free
Data Wrangling with dplyr

Get an introduction to the grammar of data manipulation using dplyr. Learn to select, filter, mutate and summarize data.

R Free

Data Science with R Certification Course

Prepare for a data science career by mastering data wrangling, visualization, modeling & communication. Learn the fundamental tools such as R, SQL, Command Line, and Git.

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How it Works

Our personalized approach is designed to ensure that you achieve your learning goals and advance your career.

Data Science Training for Corporate Teams

Train your employees to use analytics and data science to solve business problems through our exclusive batches and offers.

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The Rsquared Advantage

Anytime, Anywhere

Highly interactive learning experience on any device, anytime and anywhere. Learn at your own pace from our bite sized videos, interactive tutorials and projects.

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to all the course content and the flexibility to interact with faculty and mentors. Also get access to upgraded content and latest webinars at no additional cost

Blended Learning

We offer a unique blend of interactive and self paced course content to enhance your learning experience and maximize the learning outcome from our courses

Faculty Assistance

The faculty are just an email, phone call or chat away and we provide 24 X 7 technical support and query resolution. In addition, we also conduct webinars on specific topics regularly

R Packages

Instead of giving scripts and asking students to run them, we collected all our R scripts and converted them into appropriate R packages. These packages are being used in universities to teach statistics using R and in corporates for data analysis. We offer workshops on R package development.

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Shiny Apps

We have built a set of apps using the shiny package. These apps allow students to get going with data analysis, visualization and modeling even before they know how to use R. We offer bootcamps for teaching how to develop apps and dashboards.

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Resources, tips and tricks – it’s all in our blog

Visit our blog to know the latest in the world of data science and R. The blog itself is built using the blogdown package.

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ebooks we wrote to supplement the courses at Rsquared Academy. Some are beginner friendly while others may require prerequisite knowledge of certain topics. We would love to receive your feedback or corrections at books@rsquaredacademy.com.

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Effective & Engaging Courses

At Rsquared Academy, we offer a blended learning experience to our students that includes webinars, interactive tutorials, hands on sessions, interactive apps and libraries. Check out the video on the right side to know how we deliver effective and engaging courses to maximize the learning outcomes of our students.


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Data Science Training for Universities/Colleges

Analytics is a fast-growing field with widespread applications in various sectors and analytics professionals are most sought after by employers. Our analytics training gives your students an edge over their peers in the competitive job market and a head start that's unmatched.

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