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The olsrr package provides following tools for teaching and learning OLS regression using R:

  • Comprehensive Regression Output

  • Variable Selection Procedures
    • All Possible Regression
    • Best Subsets Regression
    • Stepwise Regression
    • Stepwise Forward Regression
    • Stepwise Backward Regression
    • stepAIC Regression
    • stepAIC Forward Regression
    • stepAIC Backward Regression
  • Heteroskedasticity Tests
    • Bartlett Test
    • Breusch Pagan Test
    • F Test
    • Score Test
  • Collinearity Diagnostics
    • Variance Inflation Factors
    • Tolerance
    • Eigenvalues
    • Condition Indices
  • Model Fit Assessment
    • Residual Fit Spread Plot
    • Part & Partial Correlations
    • Observed vs Fitted Values Plot
    • Lack of Fit F Test
    • Diagnostics Panel
  • Measures of Influence
    • Cook’s D Bar Plot
    • Cook’s D Chart
    • DFBETAs Panel
    • DFFITS Plot
    • Studentized Residual Plot
    • Standardized Residual Chart
    • Studentized Residuals vs Leverage Plot
    • Deleted Studentized Residuals vs Fitted Values Plot
    • Hadi Plot
    • Potential Residual Plot
  • Residual Diagnostics
    • Residual QQ Plot
    • Residual Histogram
    • Residual Box Plot
    • Residual Normality Test
    • Residual vs Fitted Values Plot
  • Variable Contribution Assessment
    • Residual vs Regressor Plot
    • Added Variable Plot
    • Residual Plus Component Plot


You can install olsrr from github with:

# install olsrr from CRAN

# the development version from github
# install.packages("devtools")

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